ZusenZomer launches sustainable brand SooBluu

ZusenZomer has launched a new brand SooBluu this year with its own website. SooBluu sees many opportunities and possibilities in the introduction of sustainable home & living items. The idea is that we would like to contribute to a more beautiful and cleaner world. On SooBluu you will therefore find innovative quick-drying microfibre towels or travel towels made of recycled plastic (r-pet). Ideal for on the go, because the towels are quick-drying, compact and lightweight. That is why the cloths fit in every bag or suitcase.

sneldrogende microvezel handdoek
soobluu sneldrogende handdoek rpet van recycled plastic
soobluu sneldrogende reishanddoek rpet-recycled plastic
soobluu sneldrogende reishanddoek badlaken rpet-recycled plastic