Discover our new summer bags!

Hey (Zusen)summer lovers! We have great news for you! After the enormous success of our cotton vintage beach bag, we couldn't resist adding more fantastic bags to our collection! Introducing our brand new ESLA toiletry bag and GEO beach bag, specially designed to make your summer adventures even more stylish.

Sustainability meets style
At Zusenzomer, we value not only style but also sustainability. That's why our new bags are made from the leftover fabrics of our bathrobes and hammam towels. By reusing these remnants, we reduce the impact on the environment and give these materials a new life. Moreover, they are made of Oeko-Tex certified cotton, which means they are free from harmful substances. And that's not all! The GEO beach bag is even made of organic cotton, making it not only trendy but also environmentally friendly!

Practical and spacious

Whether you're going on vacation or heading to the beach for a day, our bags offer more than enough room for all your summer essentials. The GEO beach bag is delightfully soft and provides ample space for all your beach necessities - sunscreen, a good book, an inflatable flamingo, you name it! No more hassle with overcrowded bags or lost items because with our bags, everything is within reach.

Complete your summer look!

In addition to their practical features, our bags are real eye-catchers. They embody the unique style of Zusenzomer and show that sustainability and fashion can go hand in hand. The subtle patterns and vibrant colors of the kimonos and hammam towels give each bag its own character. But that's not all! Complete your outfit with a matching hammam towel or kimono and mix & match! Whether you choose the rustic charm of the ESLA toiletry bag or the bohemian vibes of the GEO beach bag, you're guaranteed to make a stylish statement. With our toiletry bag, you'll steal the show in every bathroom!

Step into summer with Zusenzomer

So what are you waiting for? Grab your belongings and get ready for a summer full of fun, style, and complete outfits with Zusenzomer's new sustainable bags! Whether you're traveling, going to the beach, or just spending a day out, our bags are your perfect companion. With their unique design, sustainable materials, spacious storage, and the ability to combine them with matching hammam towels and bathrobes, you'll ensure you have everything at hand and look amazing at the same time. Go for stylish practicality and make this summer an unforgettable experience with Zusenzomer.

So which bag will be your must-have this summer? Check out our range, make your choice, and enjoy a summer filled with style and convenience with Zusenzomer!