About hammam towels

Pack smartly with hammam towels!

The hammam towels* originate from Turkey, where they are used in Turkish baths. There they are used as a towel, drying cloth and shawl and are also called pestemal orfouta. In addition to being a sauna towel, they are great for going to the beach, traveling, camping and boating, to the pool, in the gym bag, etc. The Turkish towel is lightweight, takes up little space, dries well and is easy to wash. And don't forget: very beautiful. So no more lugging around heavy towels.

The hammam towels are also ideal for the baby. You can dry and wrap the baby well with it. They are also used as a sheet or summer blanket.

How do you enjoy your hammam towel even more?

  • Before washing for the first time, pull all the buttons on the fringes of the hammam towel. This way you can be sure that this handicraft will not come loose.
  • Do not wash the hammam towel too hot. Maximum 30º C. Otherwise the cotton will shrink more.
  • Do not use fabric softener. It makes the hammam towel less absorbent.
  • Wash (bright) colors separately with a dash of vinegar. This helps to maintain the color and it is very good against calcification of your washing machine!
  • It is better not to put the hammam towels in the dryer. Hang them out. They are so dry!
  • You do not have to iron the hammam towel. Hang the hammam towel on the drying line and then fold it neatly! Ironing makes them less absorbent.
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Our exclusive collection

We carry an extensive collection of hammam towels and continue to innovate. At ZusenZomer you will always find something special! Both the sizes and the cotton composition of the hammam towels differ. At ZusenZomer you will find exclusive designs, but also hammam towels with bamboo. Bamboo is a beautiful material. Good for the environment because it grows quickly, requires less water than cotton and uses fewer chemicals in processing. In addition, the hammam towel has a very good absorption capacity and is wonderfully soft! Take a look at hammam towel Tie-dye. With matching beach dress.

Fairtrade hammam towels and traditionally made

ZusenZomer works closely with small-scale weaving mills on a fair trade basis. Our hammam towels and hammam bathrobes are made according to traditional methods in small family businesses in Turkey and Tunisia. 100% Fair Trade.  

Why a hammam towel from ZusenZomer?

Below we make a comparison of the hammam towels from ZusenZomer with comparable products and/or suppliers. Then you immediately understand why!

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