Beautiful Boho kimono by ZusenZomer, with a really good story!

Looking for a Boho kimono? Now new in the ZusenZomer collection

ZusenZomer has been very successful for 10 years with the sale of their colorful, compact and super handy Hammam towels. And now, in addition to this series of Hammam towels, an original and very beautiful collection of Boho kimonos is available. Like the kimono Aza, Reza or Ibar-x. ZusenZomer designs her own kimonos in a small edition, so quite unique!

boho kimono zusenzomer - model reza en aza

ZusenZomer kimonos made from our Hammam toweland

The ZusenZomer Bohemian kimonos are made of the beautiful ZusenZomer Hammam towel and therefore have the same super quality:

  • they are made from 100% cotton - making them light and airy for a lovely flowy kimono (we never want that old-fashioned terry duster again!)
  • The kimono is handy and hip for traveling (think of the beach, beach club, hotel, sauna or swimming pool)
  • compact so only a mini package in your suitcase or backpack
  • dries quickly: wash, hang and…. ready!

Kimonos with a unique Boho design for a hip Ibiza look

Our Bohemian kimonos have those recognizable characteristics of the timeless but oh-so-current cool Ibiza style: flared sleeves, cheerful fringes and beautiful colors. The Boho kimono is an indispensable item at home, in the sauna, swimming pool or when traveling. But also wear your kimono as a beach cover-up over your bikini or bathing suit, as a stylish clothing item in the beach club and in the evening as a fashion statement over trendy shorts or jeans. With or without a belt. Tie a scarf around your hair, hang a cool beaded necklace and you're done! So don't limit yourself to wearing the kimono as a bathrobe, our Boho kimonos challenge you to get the Bohemian out of yourself!

Matching Hammam towels with your new Boho kimono

Most kimonos from the ZusenZomer collection can be ordered with a matching Hammam towel. Double Boho vibe! Take a quick look in our webshop for the different combi-possibilities .

ZusenZomer Hammam towels and kimonos - 100% fair trade

The Hammam towels, bathrobes and kimonos from ZusenZomer are not only unique in their design and very beautiful… they also deserve the 'fairtrade' label 100%. ZusenZomer works closely with small-scale family businesses in Turkey and Tunisia where the Hammam towels and kimonos are still woven by hand. Traditional companies that combine their years of knowledge with a lot of passion and love for the profession to make the Hammam towels and bathrobes. For us there is only one way of doing business and that is an honest way of doing business. We do this, among other things, by paying a fair price to these entrepreneurs and helping them with the necessary investments. In this way we support several families in creating and maintaining employment, for both men and women. Fair trade at its best!

ZusenZomer dreams of a better world

By purchasing your fair trade ZusenZomer kimono you also contribute to a better and fairer world. That is exactly our dream and let's face it, we all dream of that, right?

Do you want to know more about us, our philosophy and our unique, fair trade kimonos?

Take a quick look at our new collection of Boho kimonos and choose your favorite design. Also check the corresponding Hammam towels! On our site you will also find all specific information about our products, philosophy, the family businesses we work with and who we are 'ZusenZomer sisters'. Check it out!