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      4 products

      The Multifunctional Surfponcho

      At ZusenZomer, we proudly present our latest addition to the collection: the multifunctional surfponcho. It fits everyone and drapes smoothly around you. Whether you're spending a day surfing or on a boat, this surfponcho is your ideal companion. Lightweight, as it is made from hammam towels. That's why our ponchos feel incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. The 100% cotton keeps you warm and dry, allowing you to change quickly after a surfing session. Moreover, this lightweight poncho is perfect for travel, saving a lot of space in your suitcase or beach bag.

      Yes, also suitable as a sauna poncho.

      You see ponchos more and more in the sauna. And that's not surprising because a sauna poncho doesn't open like a bathrobe or kimono does. It's also a different experience, and you'll notice how comfortable it is. A day of relaxation in the sauna becomes even more luxurious with our sauna poncho. This poncho envelops you in softness and comfort and always fits because the poncho is generous in size and yet falls smoothly. Our sauna poncho is also 100% Fairtrade, meaning you contribute to fair trade and sustainability.