Hammam towel for men - extra large

By default, the hammam towels from Turkey are only 1.70m long. We soon started producing our ZusenZomer hammam towels for longer. Still, it's nice if you fit it all in. We certainly also have models in the collection that appeal to men more. Basic blue, gray and black. If you like that, be sure to check out the Sol. That is our most popular men's hammam towel. Are you looking for a stylish weave? Then take Fouta Playa in herringbone weave. Available in blue and grey. Extra extra long? Then take a look at the hammam towel Dilan and the new organic cotton hammam towels Geo and Geo Diamond. These are 210 cm long! They are woven by hand and only about 10 are made per loom. Pure craft! The Dilan is a bit 'woolier' and wonderfully soft. Want even more choice? Take a look at our webshop for the Fouta Biarritz (in black, gray and blue), Sousse (in brown, blue, petrol, black). And the hammam towel Zanzi. Nice and tough and 2 meters long! So plenty of choice for men!

hamamdoek voor heren - Dilan