Fouta: ideal beach towel for vacation, yoga, sauna and ....

MUCH MORE! Afouta is a traditional wrap and drying towel from the North African countries. Here in the Netherlands we also speak of hammam cloth or peshtemal. The Fouta is so handy you'll never want to be without it! Despite their generous size of about 2 meters, they are still lightweight and compact. That's great to take with you in your beach, sports, swimming and travel bag. Due to the special, absorbent cotton, you can use thefouta very well as a towel. And they dry much faster afterwards than a regular bath or beach towel! An additional advantage is that no sand remains in it!

The errora is always useful

Thefouta is also very nice to use as a wrap for the baby. But also use it as a sheet or summer blanket. The Fouta is always nice and big in size, because they are 1 meter wide by almost 2 meters long. You can also use them as tablecloths. That looks nice on the garden table! Also don't forget to take thefouta to yoga or Pilates!


hamamdoek fouta gebruiken

Collection SistersSummer

Our collection offoutas and hammam towels continues to innovate. At ZusenZomer you will always find beautiful, exclusive own designs. Quality and originality are our top priorities. ZusenZomer chooses the best materials (yarns and dyeing process) and that is why thefoutas remain very beautiful for a long time and are flexible to use! So check the shop regularly for new models, colors and sizes! They are also available in extra large!

Error from Tunisia: fair trade!

We work closely with weaving mills in Tunisia. These are small-scale companies that provide employment in the villages. Both to men and to women. The men operate the looms and the women do all the other handiwork. The Fouta is knotted in a traditional way. The women ensure that the Foutas are beautifully finished. And arrive neatly packaged in the Netherlands. ZusenZomer ensures that we pay a fair price, so that everyone earns something from it.

How do you enjoy your Fouta even more?

  • Wouldn't it have been better if the Fouta wasn't too hot. Maximum 30º C. Otherwise the cotton will shrink more.
  • Do not use fabric softener. As with regular towels, it makes the Fouta less absorbent.
  • Wash (bright) colors separately with a small splash of vinegar. This ensures that the color of the Fouta is preserved and it is also good for your washing machine (less calcification)!
  • Thefouta should not be put in the dryer, because of extra shrinkage. Hang out for a while. They are so dry!
  • You don't have to iron thefouta. Hang the Fouta on the clothesline and then fold it neatly is enough! Ironing makes the Fouta less absorbent.