We are always open to great ideas. So when we were asked last year by a -presumably- gay customer if we shouldn't even make a rainbow hammam towel, we immediately got the jitters. This could be a very good plan. How cool if not only rainbow flags but also rainbow hammam towels are waving at the Canal Parade in Amsterdam. And of course at the gay hotspots in Europe: the beaches of Ibiza and Mykonos. In our not so gay environment we also received enthusiastic reactions. The production of thisfouta was still a bit of a struggle. Longitudinal stripes mean that the whole loom has to be rigged differently. They spend about half a day doing that. The advantage is that the fringes of the hammam towel are also colored! And what is the most beautiful weave so that the colors come out optimally. A lot of samples have been made. But now it is super shiny, soft and supple. That makes everyone a bit gay….