Hammam towels photo shoot in Turkey

A week in Turkey, that's not a punishment. Especially not if it's also for work, in other words for ZusenZomer. In the company of my friend Arjen, I went to Cesme for a week. That is a peninsula near Izmir, a well-known industrial and textile city of Turkey. In Izmir, among others, our Turkish hammam towels are woven at the small weaving mills. The Cesme area is very beautiful and attracts a lot of rich Turks from Istanbul and Ankara.
Many friends around me shouted “Are you going to Turkey? Now do you dare? “ Well, last year we, the sisters, went to Tunisia on a business trip to visit our supplier of hammam towels. Tunisia is also not an obvious holiday destination at the moment, due to the negative travel advice. Fortunately, we are not so easily deterred, and every time it is not that bad and that was also the case in Turkey.

Preparation for photo shoot hammam towels

Once we arrived at our beautiful hotel, near Alacati, we had to relax. No punishment, because luckily the weather was nice. I was happy with the beautiful luxury hotel, very atmospheric and therefore very suitable for the photo shoot of the hammam towels andfoutas. A whole suitcase full of the latest models. On Wednesday our model and photographer would come and you have to prepare for that. I carefully ironed every hammam towel, because we don't want creases in the photo. Also made a plan of action. Which hammam towel should be photographed in which spot.
All the other guests were very interested, because they saw me walking around with the hammam towels andfoutas. Of course I informed the management of the hotel and luckily they agreed to the planned photo shoot.

Now it can begin

All hammam towels were neatly laid out on Wednesday morning. That alone looked nice. The team arrived around 1.30 pm. Unfortunately a different model, because our selected model suddenly had to go to hospital. This model, I really don't remember her name (too difficult), was very white and skinny. She was a professional model, it was said again. Well, we would see. In the beginning it took some getting used to and fine-tuning what my wishes were. Fortunately it all went well. We were busy all afternoon with it. At the end of the photo shoot also a few photos of the hammam towels taken in the hammam. That was not easy, because the camera fog because of the heat. But the result is definitely there!
Spontaneously arranged: a manly model.
Fotoshoot hamamdoek turkije

A nice man with a hammam towel

Very funny weather. We had met another couple at the hotel. I immediately saw that Arjan (coincidentally the same name as my friend) was very suitable to model for a few hammam towels and bathrobes. He found it exciting to do, a natural talent, because the photos turned out really great. Thanks again Arjan for your cooperation. And as an avid sauna goer, he was very happy with his new thin bathrobe that he received as a gift.hamamdoek hamam badjas heren