Hammam towels at Kruidvat!

Hammam towels at Kruidvat? You see them popping up everywhere now. Hammam towels and 'beach towels' at Blokker, Xenos and Kruidvat. And for a pittance of course. Because everyone is discovering the convenience of the hammam towel, so these parties would like to get their share. And why buy an 'expensive' at ZusenZomer when you can buy one for 5 euros at the Blokker?

A hammam towel is not just a piece of cotton that you can produce in large numbers in factories in India and China. The 'real' hammam towel is woven on old machines with the right cotton. The weave, the supple weaving of the old machines and the hydrophilic cotton give you a structure that ensures that the cloth absorbs water well and dries super fast. And not unimportant: they are supple and soft! For example, our cloths are produced in small-scale family weaving mills. As it happened before. Because we pay a fair price and produce large numbers of hammam towels, it also brings a lot of employment to the small villages. The older men are at the loom, the young people learn the trade of production manager and the women and mothers can earn some extra money in addition to the household by, among other things, knotting the fringes. And so you not only have the best quality hammam towel, but also one with a good story!