All the colors of the rainbow at the Pink Market!

It's almost time! Pink Saturday (Pink Saturday). July 23 next. It's the first day of Europride 2016. There are a lot of festivities, definitely recommended.

It's nice how things go sometimes. Last year we received an email from a happy customer. He loved our hammam towels and wondered if we shouldn't make a Rainbow hammam towel. They would love all his gay friends. Now a year later we have the Fouta Rainbow in the collection (and it turned out beautiful!) and we will be at the Pink Market next Saturday. We are already looking forward to the idea that we will be selling our pink outfit on Pink Saturday of the Gay Pride in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. It will be a party between all those colorful types. Still a bit different from the Dragonfly Summer Week. With all due respect to all (house)wives in the Netherlands. But we sure hope you'll come by. Besides the Fouta Rainbow, we are going to have another warehouse sale. So definitely worth it. And the sooner the more choice. Pink Saturday is a recurring event in several cities in the Netherlands. This year in Amsterdam. Because it's also the Euro Gay Pride. So an extra large event. For the entire LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender) community. And everyone who cares about this. Because if we're all the same, it just gets boring. All the colors of the rainbow: that just makes the world a little more beautiful! What we are still hoping for is a photo shoot with ourfouta and a lot of beautiful naked -huge-gay-but-still-fun-to-watch-men on a beautiful beach.

pink market amsterdam

Photo taken during the Pink Saturday:

pink saturday - hamamdoek zusenzomer regenboog