KIKOY: colorful beach towel with terry cloth!

Kikoy's are beautifully woven, colorful cloths from Kenya with terry cloth on the back. Wonderful as a beach towel, but also beautiful as a wrap. Kikoy therefore means 'wrap', the English word for shawl. In Kenya and Tanzania, the kikoy is worn by both men and women. You can wrap it around your hips and roll it out a few times to hold the kikoy in place.

Lightweight beach towel

We use the kikoy as a lightweight beach towel or bath towel. They are thicker than the hammam towels andfoutas, but still thinner and lighter than a towel! Easy for on vacation, to the beach, pool, sauna and much more!! Composition front: 100% cotton. Back composition: polyester/cotton. Size: 100x160cm. Wash at 40 degrees Celsius. Preferably not in the dryer, because the kikoy will shrink and that's a shame!

Kikoy ZusenZomer: traditional quality and just that little bit more beautiful.

ZusenZomer always has special, unique models and colors in the webshop. The kikoy from ZusenZomer is guaranteed to come from Kenya. And we pay a fair price.