10 products

      10 products

      A new collection of bathrobes and kimonos 

      At ZusenZomer, we have a beautiful and unique collection of hammam bathrobes and kimonos for both women and men. We are proud of our latest collection and would like to share some highlights with you.

      High-Quality and Craftsmanship 

      Our bathrobes and kimonos are made with love and craftsmanship from the finest quality cotton. We value sustainability, which is why we only use materials that meet our high standards. The cotton we use is carefully selected and expertly woven, giving the bathrobes and kimonos a luxurious look and exceptional comfort.

      100% Fairtrade: Honesty and Sustainability 

      What sets us apart is our commitment to fair and sustainable production. Our bathrobes and kimonos are 100% Fairtrade. This means that we ensure producers receive a fair price for their work and that there is no exploitation or poor working conditions. We believe in supporting the communities where our products are made and contributing to a just and sustainable world.

      Matching Hamam Towels: Stylish and Functional In addition to our bathrobes and kimonos, we also have an extensive collection of matching hammam towels. These towels are perfect to use in combination with our bathrobes and kimonos or simply to enjoy a relaxing moment in the sauna or at the beach. Our hammam towels are made of high-quality cotton and feature beautiful patterns and colors that complement the style of our bathrobes and kimonos.

      Comfort, Style, and Sustainability Hand in Hand

      At ZusenZomer, we believe that comfort, style, and sustainability can go hand in hand. We want to provide our customers with the best experience by offering high-quality products that last a long time and have a positive impact on the world around us. With our collection, we hope to contribute to a conscious lifestyle where quality and sustainability are at the forefront.

      Discover ZusenZomer: Choose Comfort, Style, and Sustainability 

      So, what are you waiting for? Discover our beautiful collection of hammam bathrobes and kimonos at ZusenZomer. We guarantee you comfort, style, and sustainability all in one. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your relaxation and make a positive difference in the world.

      About ZusenZomer 

      Due to our commitment to quality and production, our fairtrade hammam towels are of extremely high quality. They are incomparable to the mass-produced towels you find at other providers and large retail chains.