ZusenZomer and sustainability

Sustainability at ZusenZomer: Our Mission

At ZusenZomer, we believe that sustainability is the key to a better future for our planet and the people living on it. That's why we're committed to producing high-quality sustainable products. Below, we'll tell you more about our mission and how we put it into practice.

High-quality cotton for a longer lifespan

Our collection of hamam towels and kimonos are made from high-quality cotton, so they last longer and have a longer lifespan. By producing longer-lasting products, we can contribute to a more sustainable world and require fewer resources and energy to produce new products. We believe it's important that our materials are not only better for the environment but also for the people who produce them.

Oeko-Tex certified

Our products are made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton, which means that no harmful substances were used during the production process. This is not only better for the environment but also for the health of our customers.

Lightweight and compact for a smaller ecological footprint

Our products are lightweight and compact, which means they require less washing and don't need a dryer. This not only saves water and energy but also ensures a longer lifespan for the products. This way, our customers can enjoy our hamam towels, bathrobes, and boho kimonos to the fullest without harming the environment.

Organic and recycled cotton

In addition to Oeko-Tex cotton, we have also added organic cotton to our collection to provide even more sustainable choices to our customers. But we're not done yet. We are constantly working to improve and further sustain our collection. Therefore, we are adding recycled cotton to our collection to reduce waste and lower the pressure on natural resources.

Fairtrade collaboration with our suppliers

Our hamam towels and kimonos are produced by small family businesses in Turkey and Tunisia, with whom we have established a fairtrade collaboration. We pay a fair wage to our suppliers (small weavers), so they can earn a living wage and provide good working conditions to their employees. This way, we contribute to a fair and sustainable production chain.

Choose a sustainable future with ZusenZomer

By choosing ZusenZomer, our customers choose sustainable and responsible high-quality products. We're proud of our collection and hope to contribute to a better future for our planet and the people living on it.