Questions about hammam towels & bathrobes

View the frequently asked questions about our hammam towels and bathrobes:

A hammam towel is a (usually) cotton towel with fringes that is traditionally used in Turkish baths. The special cotton makes it convenient to wear and to dry, because they absorb moisture very well. The towel dries quickly afterwards. Today the hammam towels are used for all kinds of purposes. They are beautiful, but also very lightweight for travelling, or take the towel to the beach, to the boat, to the spa, etc. The size of the cloths is 100 x 180 cm, excluding the fringes. Of course there are also different sizes (for example, 100x190cm or XL size of 215 x 160 cm).

Our hammam bathrobes for men and women are made from hammam towels. So they are made from the same absorbent cotton, handwoven and 100% fair trade. Our hammam bathrobes are therefore lighter and thinner than most standard bathrobes. Ideal if you are looking for a thin bathrobe for the sauna or on holiday. We are constantly working on new designs. We have them in kimono style, short and long or extra large for the big men. Often also with matching hammam towels.

Right! No problem! A hammam towel is made of absorbent cotton and therefore absorbs a lot of moisture. It is therefore perfectly suitable for drying off.

In fact, all hammam towels,foutas or kikoys are very suitable as lightweight beach towels or beach towels on holiday. If you are going with a family, the hammam towels "Melodi" or "Ibiza" are very nice, possibly combined with the extra long hammam towel Sol. Each family member takes their own color! They are also very affordable. The long hammam towels or foutas (190 cm to 210 cm) are also very suitable for the men. The hammam towels are generally slightly smoother, softer and lighter than thefoutas.

Of course you choose a super light hammam towel, which can take a beating. The best choice in our opinion is the hammam towel Sol Turtle, Reza, Ibar. But other choices are also good (for example, Fouta Playa, Sousse, Casablanca, Biarritz).

In fact, almost all hammam towels orfoutas are very suitable as lightweight beach towels or beach towels on holiday. But if you would like the lightest hammam towel, please activate the filter 'weight' in the shop.

The longest hammam towels are Sol (2m) and Dilan (2.10). All sizes of the hammam towels are stated excluding tassels. Please activate the filter in the left column in the shop to select your towel.

Yes, ZusenZomer also has a hammam towel made of terry cloth, for example the hammam towel MIX, which is particularly beautiful and woven from residual yarns. We also have hammam towels with terry cloth on the back, which are the so-called Kikoy's. The mentioned hammam towels with (of) terry cloth are a lot less light than the standard collection.

Afouta is in fact a hammam towel from Tunisia. These towels are often a bit longer (190 cm) than the hammam towels. A Fouta is made of absorbent cotton and therefore very suitable as a lightweight bath towel, hand towel or beach towel. They are also great to use as wraps. Read more>>

A kikoy is a universal beach towel or wrap from Kenya. They are two sided. One side of cotton, usually with cheerful colors and on the other side thin terry cloth. It feels nice and soft and is also good to dry off with. Just like the hammam towels, you can use them for everything. They are slightly smaller (160 cm long) and slightly heavier than the hammam towels.

The weight of hammam towels differs per towel. The standard hammam towels (100x170 to 100x210) vary from 300 grams to 450 grams. The XL sizes (Storm, Casablanca and Ibiza) vary from 500 to 700 grams. The weight of the hammam towels or our other towels is stated in the product description.

You can wash the hammam towels and hammam bathrobes at 30 degrees. The cotton may shrink slightly. Make sure you wash colored items separately. It is advisable to wash new hammam towels andfoutas before use, so that the cotton absorbs moisture better. The hammam towels and bathrobes dry very quickly on the line and do not become "hard" like normal towels. Preferably not in the dryer because that causes more shrinkage due to the high temperatures. In the end, everything dries very quickly. A large part of our hammam towels and bathrobes are hand-knotted at the bottom, so we recommend that you check (put on) the buttons before washing for the first time, so that they do not come loose. This is only necessary for the first wash.

No that is not necessary. Ironing the hammam towel orfouta makes it less absorbent. If you neatly hang the hammam towel on the drying line and then fold it neatly, that is sufficient.

The production of hammam towels and bathrobes from ZusenZomer takes place in a traditional and traditional way at small family businesses in Turkey and Tunisia. We work together on the basis of 100% Fair Trade. These products have traditionally come from here. The quality is therefore exceptionally good. This distinguishes ZusenZomer from other large suppliers of (cheap) hammam towels, which often import these products from India and China.

All sizes stated in the webshop are exclusive of the tassels. So the tassels are not included when measuring the hammam towels or bathrobes. Please note: sometimes there may be some size differences because it is a handmade product.